Our antimicrobial product is more durable, inexpensive, safer and easier to use. This non-alcohol formula is great for most every applications. Plus, it’s EPA approved!
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It's mechanical, not chemical.

XGuard360 employs technology that is different to most antimicrobial products. This technology uses a “mechanical kill” that destroys microbes and viruses when they are exposed to treated surfaces. This protective layer safeguards the treated surface for a minimum of ninety-days. The key function of the molecule is the long chain of atoms that make up the spike that are large enough to pierce the cell walls of various microbes. These chains of atoms carry a strong positive charge that attracts negatively charged bacteria. Each microbial spike is about one-thousandth the width of a human hair. Their nano size insures users are completely unaware of the spike’s presence. The XGuard360 solution adheres to the surface that it is applied to and creates a nano bed of microscopic, spike- shaped molecules. 

It forms a long-lasting, protective barrier. The nano bed of spikes disrupts microbe’s membrane resulting in its demise The microscopic bed of spikes actually punctures the cell walls of microbes as they come to rest on a treated surface. The spikes are columns of positively charged carbon atoms that pierce and electrostatically shock the contaminant thus delivering the mechanical kill.

This scientific technology provides the perfect approach to inhibiting microorganisms. It does not use unsafe heavy metals or poisons. AND...due to the nature of this mechanical kill technology, NO microbial resistance “superbugs” are ever created from the treatment. Ever.

The main government hospital in Mexico State supports an area with a population of 14,000,000 that is served by 500 government run urgent care hospitals.

The question: Can XGuard360 reduce spread of contaminants in hospitals?

Testing Synopsis: XGuard360 was applied to railings to two areas of the hospital: a stairwell rails and kitchen breakroom. Each area was tested before the application of XGuard360 for baselines.

Results: After 10 days treated areas were showed significantly less microbes than untreated areas and also prevented new microbes from infecting the area.

 photo dfdfdgg_zps706f3c79.jpg

 photo dfdfdgg_zps706f3c79.jpg